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20K Trees Planted for Agroforestry by Women’s Coop in Rwanda

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of an incredible agroforestry project in Rwanda in which 20,671 trees were planted by a women-led cooperative called Jyambere Munyarwanda. The goal of this project is to restore agricultural systems to improve productivity, community livelihoods, and environmental sustainability. The tree planting was carried out in Rutsiro District, Mukura Sector, with participation from 200 volunteers. Most of the trees were Grevillea Robusta (pictured below), a species preferred by farmers in agroforestry, used in planting with food crops because it is relatively fast growing and does not compete too much with other plants for water. The other tree type was tree tomato, which is exactly what it sounds like, an edible fruit tree.  Overall, 380 acres...

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Why We Need 2.7 Billion More Acres of Trees on Earth

Earth's forests are already working overtime to help mitigate climate change. Trees work hard to clean the air we breathe. Through photosynthesis trees suck up carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into food so they can grow. The ingested carbon is then trapped in the tree’s cells and stored in the trunk and branches, while oxygen is released in the process.  This filtering of carbon from the air and storing it elsewhere is a process known as carbon sequestration, and as global emissions of CO2 continue to rise, the need to find the best method of sequestration becomes increasingly pressing. Currently, there are a number of ways in which CO2 can be captured both naturally and artificially. However, trees...

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California Wildfire Reforestation

The 2018 fire season has hit California, with many areas still recovering from the worst fires in state history last summer. This year, almost 4,000 wildfires have already burned more 629,000 acres across the state – more than four times the five-year average.  The Mendocino Complex fire is now the largest in state history, burning 300,000 acres across Colusa, Lake, and Mendocino Counties. Prior to this, the Carr Fire had been the most destructive in California this season, burning more than 170,000 acres. The Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County has shut down access to Yosemite National Park.  At the start of 2018, it was estimated that 129 million trees needed to be restored in California after the drought and wildfires the state has endured. Planting trees after these...

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